Our Leadership

Temple Isaiah’s lay leaders are a group of dedicated, enthusiastic members who work closely with the rabbi, cantor, and other staff to help ensure the best for the temple and congregation.

Officers and Executive Committee 2016-2018

President: Steven Warshavsky

See the President’s columns in the monthly Bulletin.

Executive Vice President:
Terry Birnbaum-Horton
Treasurer: Bill Hersh
Financial Secretary: Kathie Davis
Recording Secretary: Linda Burghardt
Communications: Ruth Mandelbaum

Committee Chairs

Adult & Continuing Education:  Judy Snow, Meryl Menashe

Fund Raising:  Terry Joseph, June Feldman

House:  Martin Secofsky

Legal:  Stephen Fein

Membership:  June Feldman, Terry Joseph

Caring Circle: Golda Shapiro, Kathie Davis

Ritual: Shelley Sherman, Ruth Isaac

Religious Service Outreach: Belle Gayer, Elliott Gayer

Public Relations:  Lloyd Perell, Jonathan Wagner

Website: Bill Hersh

Hospitality/Oneg Coordinator: Sheila DeFazio

Social Action:  Denise Miller

Music:  Cantor Friedlander

Building Use:  Martin Secofsky

Housekeeping:  Ruth Mandelbaum

By-Laws Review:  Lloyd Perell

Holocaust Archive: Howard Israel, Meryl Menashe

Young Professionals: Scott Schleifstein, Judy Snow, Jonathan Wagner

Sukkah Building: Elliot Gayer, Jonathan Wagner


Term Ending June 2019:

Helene Dorfman

Ruth Isaac

Meryl Menashe

Marcia Null

Judy Snow

Richard Solow

Scott Schleifstein

June Feldman

Term Ending June 2020:

Sheila DeFazio

Ron Gitelman

Rachel Greenwald

Rona Levy

Lloyd Perell

Shelley Sherman

Jonathan Wagner

Term Ending June 2021

Steve Fein

Belle Gayer

Elliot Gayer

Denise Miller

Terry Joseph

Martin Secofsky

Immediate Past Presidents: Kathie Davis, William Rosenberg

Founding President: Bernard Rosenberg