Yom Chamishi, 7 Adar 5778

Jerusalem Post

  1. Is Israel's chief justice in hot water from Bibi probes?

    If there were even a serious potential problem, Thursday’s session to select two new Supreme Court justices, in which Hayut is a major player, would likely be delayed.
  2. Security Cabinet: No longer sticking their necks out for the PM

    The message has been heard loud and clear.
  3. IDF cyber warriors thwart major ISIS aviation terror attack

    Spread across the country, the online soldiers of Unit 8200 are on the front line of Israel’s cyber wars 24/7, 365 days a year to identify possible threats and effectively neutralize them.
  4. Will gas deal prompt Cairo to warm up the cold peace?

    The gas deal comes two years after Israeli agreements were signed to supply Jordan with gas from the Leviathan field.
  5. Netanyahu still due to attend Trump meeting amid corruption allegations

    Netanyahu wouldn't miss the opportunity to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary on the AIPAC central stage in front of some 18,000 cheering people.